Thursday, 11 June 2009

Didi Bergman/The Flowing/Unlucky Fried Kitten

The Good Intent

10 June 2009

Didi Bergman

The Flowing

Unlucky Fried Kitten

A small intimate venue and a mix of very different styles worked very well.

Didi Bergman performed her original and haunting songs. For me the songs are very well constructed with a lovely melody, great lyrics and have great depth. A very talented artist and always a pleasure to watch.

The Flowing are for me quite unique, with Dave's gravel voice and a great acoustic sound on occasions sounding a little like Leonard Cohen meets Bob Marley and that would still be very far from summing up their sound, but probably the best I can offer for the moment.

The Flowing played a faultless set which was most enjoyable and they are certainly a band I will watch again. As with all 3 of the acts on tonight, they have produced some great original material, well crafted and performed songs in a unique style.

Unlucky Fried Kitten were the final act on and worth waiting for. Andy Export was certainly on form backed by the trusty guitar of Andy White.

Andy Export as the front man of UFK is a great character and the gig is as much about the performance as the songs, which add an extra dimension to UFK making them such fun to watch, along with their quirky tongue in cheek lyrics and very catchy songs. Andy Export was on fire busting the moves as if he were a young, (if somewhat rotund), Michael Jackson, and at one point becoming performer and audience at the same time, while pacing the bar space like a demented Olympic speed walker focused on gold. Very humorous and the banter was as usual side splitting.

The only down side was that the set had to be kept short due to time constraints at the venue.

An excellent and very enjoyable evening organized by Andy White with 3 great acts which I hope can be replicated in the future.

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Di Di Bergman

The Flowing


Andy White

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