Monday, 31 August 2009

Unlucky Fried Kitten @ The Command House, Chatham

Unlucky Fried Kitten

The Command House - Chatham

30 August 2009

Lee palmer - bass
James palmer - guitar
James Hayward - drums
Andy Export - Vox

Today we were in for a treat. UFK and the revolving door policy they practice had a few more spins than usual, namely James on drums, James on Guitars and Lee on Bass.
This was their first public performance together, so in the words of International rescue, "Anything Can Happen in the Next half hour" and probably will.

What did happen was the first full band performance of UFK for many years. Having witnessed the stripped down version of UFK, (I prefer Andy with clothes on though) the added personnel gave the songs a whole new dimension.

Andy Export came on like some punked up Morris dancer, coupling a nice hat (probably a remnant from his early Morris period) with yellow doc martins. Ian Dury's face beamed from his t shirt, and at times, Andy performed what appeared to be a swaying dance with some nifty footwork, dragging him back from what looked to be a certain fall at the last moment defying “Newton’s laws”.

An excellent crisp compressed guitar sound from "Guitar James" cut through the overcast Chatham day to signal the start of proceedings, Export with some surprisingly nimble footwork found his feet and launched into "People".

A great rendition of "To Whom It May Concern" followed with the immortal last line "How many paranoid schizophrenics can you see in an English Country Sanatorium"

"Made In Russia" sounded great with the growling guitar and slightly traditional Russian arrangement, building momentum until the final refrain...Little Paul McCartney did indeed play in Russia.

Next came an old Martini Slutz (A previous Andy Export fronted band) classic, "Underground Worker" where the amazing mental dexterity of Mr Export enabled him to give vent to an on the spot couplet which included Ben Jones and The Rolling Stones
The man is a legend

Next came ""

A sad melancholic song where love is sought on the “World Wide Web”. It tells of the bleakness and isolation of the "relationship less" and the let down when you find that your ideal date is in fact an aging chain smoker from a popular TV soap opera.

During "", Export decided to extend the stage area and climbed down onto terra firma below. As interesting as this was, I don’t think I was alone in wondering how he would get back onto the stage again. Like a true pro, in a short musical interlude Export placed the mic on stage and legged it across to the stairs at the side of the stage where he sprung up them to be re united with the mic back on stage, in perfect time to finish the song with the final words “Dot Cotton".

I expect him to say that this was all meticulously planned of course...

The set closed with "My Town". UFK songs are nothing but educational of course and the ever helpful Mr Export pointed towards the location of various places like "Gillingham" and "Strood" while singing, therefore pre empting any doubts the audience might have as to their approximate location...Rock and geography always seem fitting bedfellows to me.

All the Jim Jims in this town or should I say all the Jim Jims on My town did exceptionally well...As did Lee on bass.

In all seriousness, UFK (a self confessed POP band) make very wry and witty songs with excellent catchy tunes and can make 8 minutes seem like an eternity ;o)...Andy Export, the songwriter and vocalist, often adds verses spontaneously so you never really know what you are going to get, which I thinks adds to the fun.

Down on one knee (or sometimes both), the singer bares his soul clutching at his chest, eyes skyward. Bemoaning the loss of some eastern European maid or other, like a speech impediment cured Kevin Rowland searching for the lost Soul rebels. Sometimes the drama is quite intense, only with UFK, it may just mean that Andy is looking for his missing contact lens again...

Well done to all at UFK...and not forgetting the ever present and today 5th member of UFK, Rio "Fellini" Fraser who with arms of steel, fortified by Lambert and Butler and the odd Dolly Mixture, tirelessly captures the melee on stage for posterity.

Set List

To whom it may concern
Made in Russia
Underground worker
Life in my town

Review by Reavsey...a UFK Follower ;o

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Unlucky Fried Kitten @ Cherry Tree

We are lucky enough to have been graced with another gig review from our esteemed peer...Reavsey.
Reavsey is a singer-songwriter and social writer from residing in the Medway Towns. Much of his own work can be found on Reverbnation and MySpace and Last FM and other sites...just by searching for "Reavsey"
Here's his take on the Unlucky Fried Kitten gig at The Cherry Tree on May 9th 2009.

Cherry Tree Pub – Tonbridge Rd - Maidstone

Andy Export (UFK) and Andy White

The genius song smith that is Andy Export and founder of Unlucky Fried Kitten along
with the excellent guitar man and performer Andy White

Leave your Jellied Eels on the counter and scuttle from the van to the stage, toot

The duo blasted off with an old UFK
favourite…a tentative Export fixed the crowd in his sights while exclaiming
“Click a mouse to find a spouse”, maybe there were a few guilty faces hiding
behind their pint pots?

Sounding out the crowd, Andy E stepped up a gear and with Andy W’s solid chops
backing him, ran through great versions of 3 Am and also “To whom it may
concern” (a personal favourite of mine), Shooting Star Amongst others…

Having performed a fine, if maybe subdued set by his standards, Andy Export stepped
down to allow Andy White to play solo.

Andy White performed some modern classics which the boisterous crowd really
appreciated, singing along with him at one point.
An excellent set by Andy White, whose style of playing is competent and aggressive,
which certainly went down well in the bustle of a busy Saturday night at the Cherry
Tree and held the audiences attention. Great choice of songs and great response to
his performance from the locals.

After Andy Exports tactical retreat to re energise, imbibed with a drop of the old
amber medicine, Export’s evil twin returned to the stage with renewed vigour and
much gusto…

Looking like a shaven headed Nelson on the prow of the Victory; he surveyed his
“Trafalgar” and battle commenced.

“Made in Russia” sent some metaphorical shrapnel barwards and the audience
responded… Andy E gesturing and falling to his knees like some tormented Bingo
caller, animated the songs while Andy W, with wry smile on his face, bashed out the
power chords.

Now he meant business and we saw the old charm of Andy Export shine through as he
bantered with the audience and at one point during a classic rendition of
“People”, got lost somewhere in the Saloon bar due to the wonder that is the
Wireless Microphone, in fact he was narrowly prevented from performing the remainder
of the gig from the Tonbridge Rd!

Several numbers later and after the impossible to follow rendition of “People”
(In which the audience chanted “People People” providing backing vocals) the
show wound down.

There were even cries for such UFK staples as “I am a Robot” from the locals.

UFK punching above their combined numbers but probably sufficiently enough for their
combined weight, responded to the final bell and time, the one who “flexes like a
whore”, fell metaphorically winking to the floor, energy spent. was the encore and the circle had been
squared whatever that might mean?

A very entertaining evening and a great combination of Andy E’s unique style and
song writing and Andy W’s excellent and edgy guitar, which really complimented
each other to form another great Unlucky Fried Kitten event.

Oh yes and thanks to Westlife for inspiration…

Review By Reavsey (A UFK Follower ;o)

UFK @ Zebra Bar

UFK - Zebra Bar 17 Sep Maidstone

I hope you dont mind me doing this...

I arrived just in time for Mr Fraser to buy me a drink a few seconds before he stepped on stage and after I had trekked half way accross England (well 3 counties of it anyway) to get there. The timing was perfect.

UFK were Justin and Andy and were the opening act.

Mr Fraser was the consumate pro bantering with the audience (and at one point blending with them as one) interesting to note, that the UFK audience was the largest of the evening of all the 4 bands on. Justin was solid on guitar and vocals a suitable foil to the naughty Mr Fraser's high jinx. Additional vocals provided by what appeared to be a member of the audience but was an eX Band member.

All of the songs were well played/performed by UFK with Andy turnining on his unique style and charm which made me chuckle on more than one occasion.

The lovely Rio was filming proceedings so hopefully we will see some clips of the gig soon. several photographers were also snapping away which included the trusty Medway photo man Phil Dillon.

The highlights for me were "Loserville" and particularly the epic ending to "Made In Russia" which was still running around in my head when I woke up this morning (You subliminal bastard! ;o)...The song is very informative (which is not unusual with UFK songs) and lists some of the famous and very lovely things that Russia has given/done/ To and made for us....

I particularly liked the line something like "My Cat was spayed in Russia"... classic!

Seriously though, it was a great performance and very very entertaining..not just a singer..not just a band...but and all round entertainment package.

If you didnt say "Little Paul McCartney got laid in Russia" I wish you had of as thats what I thought you said...and laughed myself shitless.

I hope you do it all again soon I really did enjoy it and meeting up with Rio and yourself and assorted lovely Kent folk.

This was a review from South-East writer Reavsey.
Reavsey is also a singer-songwriter and his work can be found on ReverbNation, LastFM, Myspace and YouTube

Didi Bergman/The Flowing/Unlucky Fried Kitten

The Good Intent

10 June 2009

Didi Bergman

The Flowing

Unlucky Fried Kitten

A small intimate venue and a mix of very different styles worked very well.

Didi Bergman performed her original and haunting songs. For me the songs are very well constructed with a lovely melody, great lyrics and have great depth. A very talented artist and always a pleasure to watch.

The Flowing are for me quite unique, with Dave's gravel voice and a great acoustic sound on occasions sounding a little like Leonard Cohen meets Bob Marley and that would still be very far from summing up their sound, but probably the best I can offer for the moment.

The Flowing played a faultless set which was most enjoyable and they are certainly a band I will watch again. As with all 3 of the acts on tonight, they have produced some great original material, well crafted and performed songs in a unique style.

Unlucky Fried Kitten were the final act on and worth waiting for. Andy Export was certainly on form backed by the trusty guitar of Andy White.

Andy Export as the front man of UFK is a great character and the gig is as much about the performance as the songs, which add an extra dimension to UFK making them such fun to watch, along with their quirky tongue in cheek lyrics and very catchy songs. Andy Export was on fire busting the moves as if he were a young, (if somewhat rotund), Michael Jackson, and at one point becoming performer and audience at the same time, while pacing the bar space like a demented Olympic speed walker focused on gold. Very humorous and the banter was as usual side splitting.

The only down side was that the set had to be kept short due to time constraints at the venue.

An excellent and very enjoyable evening organized by Andy White with 3 great acts which I hope can be replicated in the future.

Review by Reavsey…

More on the acts mentioned.

Di Di Bergman

The Flowing


Andy White